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LinkedIn network prompts – a great tool but don’t miss the real opportunity!

LinkedIn has some great tools for providing us with instant ways to communicate with our network.  Their “stay up to date” box at the top right of the home page (or at the top of your connections page) makes suggestions as to people we might want to congratulate on an anniversary, new position or birthday, […]


How to grow your email list organically

Growing a contact list from scratch can be a very daunting task, especially when you are not seeing substantial growth as quickly as you would like. With one simple click you can purchase a list of email addresses which understandably can be a tempting idea. Hold back on this and attempt to grow your email […]


Event Marketing – Perfect Planning

Holding events for your organisation, whether a seminar to raise awareness of your organisation or an open day for clients, can be a great way to raise your company’s profile.  Your Event marketing strategy should provide opportunities to showcase your product or service away from competitors at exhibitions, and also to help potential clients get […]