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September Newsletter

Welcome to the September edition of our newsletter! Following a cracking summer, the schools have gone back and business is pretty much back to normal, too. This month we’d like to share some of our blog posts with you on marketing trends, personal branding and employee engagement. Although digital marketing has revolutionised the way we market, find […]


Developing a Personal Brand for Career Progression

At the mention of the word brand, most people think of big corporations such as Nike and Coca Cola that have successfully managed to create and sustain a clear, strong brand identity. Everyone knows what these companies do and what their values are. But what about your own, individual brand? Would anybody know what you […]


Our Top 10 Marketing Blog Sites

The thing about marketing is you will never know it all. It is a constantly evolving subject, new ideas come along and market conditions change. Nothing stands still for long in the marketing world and one of the best way to keep up with the changes is to immerse yourself in as much marketing information […]