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Naomi Trigwell

Marketing & Account Manager

Naomi has worked in marketing for the last 17 years. Experienced in both traditional and digital marketing channels, Naomi strives to understand exactly what works for her clients. She loves the creative side of marketing, but also analysing results to improve future performance.

Naomi’s experience encompasses both local and national marketing. She has worked on marketing strategy, implementation, and analysis for global businesses such as Renault and Vauxhall.

When she’s not working you’ll find her either with her head in a book, out at sea on a paddleboard, or walking the downs with her pack of dogs.

Her childhood dream was to join the circus, and she hasn’t given up on it. This year she’s finally going to master riding the unicycle.

Favourite book: Matilda
Favourite movie: Mary Poppins
Favourite cake: Not a fan of cakes, addicted to cheese.
Favourite tipple: Gin (Hendricks with Cucumber)

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