Christmas is an extremely busy time of year for businesses in almost all types of industry, not least in marketing.

However, although you may have planned all your marketing for the days immediately before Christmas, you may have forgotten about the days that come immediately afterward – the 12 days of Christmas – which are arguably just as important since people are still looking to buy things.

So here are some useful tips for maximising traffic to your website during the 12 days of Christmas:

1. Start marketing for the New Year now – A lot of people will be looking for January sales in the last week of December, which means any marketing you want to do for next year should be brought forward now.

2. Get ready for Boxing Day – Over 8 million people took advantage of Boxing Day sales last year by logging onto retailers’ websites – tap into this opportunity to market an offer or a deal.

3. People will be getting a lot of emails at this time of year, so keep the subject lines short and snappy in your marketing emails in order to give them a better chance of standing out.

4. Generally, people are more receptive to marketing emails at this time of year, so take advantage of it by making deals/offers the sole purpose of the emails

5. Keep your email marketing relevant – there’s no point sending email campaigns that aren’t relevant to their subject line, as this will make people more likely to bounce off the email straight away.

6. A lot of people will still be on holiday and on social media in their free time. Now is the time to piggyback on hashtags to get noticed more and get more followers.

7. Create a ‘New Year’s resolutions’ blog that briefly talks about the lessons you’ve learned in the last year and how your company has grown and improved, as well as your new approach for this year.

8. You might currently be focused on bringing in sales, but take a moment to send your clients a warm holiday greeting and thank them for their business this year.

9. New Year new you – If changing your social media images/adding new pictures is something you rarely do, consider doing it now to give your business’ social media a refresh.

10. Looking towards the future – Now is the perfect time to identify key dates in the New Year to drive traffic to your site – there are holidays throughout the year which can spike your sales and website traffic.

11. If you don’t take the actions of your competitors’ into account this festive season, you’re planning to fail. Be sure to evaluate what other firms have done in the past and what they are most likely to do this season, and make your plans accordingly.

12. Create time-limited offers to encourage your clients to buy now, using ‘January sales’ as an opportunity to market your services. Make good use of your email marketing to achieve maximum impact with these offers.

If you would like to implement any of these ideas but don’t have the time why not contact us to see how we can help you make the most of the season email us or telephone us on 01903 530787.



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