3 Things you need to stop doing on social media

Social media is not only about interacting with friends and family, the world is evolving in such a way that social media is now commonly used as a platform for businesses and individuals trying to promote themselves.

Social media has one of the largest online audiences with billions of people holding accounts on various platforms, so it’s no wonder that businesses want to take advantage of social media, the world’s most diverse and largest promotional platform. However, the biggest challenge for businesses and individuals is once they have developed a social media account, businesses must consistently upload credible content to their page in order to stay in front of the customers’ eye. Uploading credible content and getting likes on posts will increase the direct traffic flow to a company’s social media page; this will also increase direct traffic to the businesses’ website which is where the company is most likely to see a conversion.  However it’s easy to get social media wrong and get carried away with your posts. Out of all of the common mistakes people make we have listed 3 things that you need to stop doing on social media now.

Over using hashtags

Understanding what to do and what not to do on social media isn’t as easy as it sounds. For example, the overuse of hash tags ‘#’ on twitter tends to deter users from clicking on the article or reading it. Too many hash tags can make a post look like a scam and the moment a user thinks there is something wrong with an article they will instantly scroll past it. By not over using hash tags businesses can still ensure their posts look professional.

Posting big blocks of text

In relation to posting, another thing to avoid doing on social media is to post lots of content at the same time. If a user sees a big block of writing they will most probably skip straight past it, the reason for this is because it doesn’t look appealing to a reader. It is important to make your posts stand out with a nice bold title and sub heading or an image to capture the reader’s eye, a bloc of writing simply looks off putting and most readers will just scroll straight past the post and won’t even acknowledge it. There is also a potential chance of the account losing followers as people may be fed up of seeing huge pieces of writing on their home page.

Sharing dubious 3rd party content

Following on from this, when sharing secondary content it is essential that the individual or company sharing the content can be sure the information is true and not a hoax. If a company is sharing content that isn’t true and readers find out the content is false, the social media could lose followers as a result of sharing false information.


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