In the lead up to Easter lots of your prospects, and clients, are getting very egg-cited to spend a four-day weekend eating chocolate and enjoying festive activities with family. So, if you haven’t yet revved up your marketing to create some festive buzz, no more egg-scuses. This blog post has got you covered.  

Easter is a brilliant time for you to get creative with your firm’s marketing. Use the season to engage your digital audiences and create some festive buzz. We’ve come up with the 5 eggcellent ideas you can use to boost your making during this fun season. Let’s hop right to it.

We promise we’ll stop with the Easter puns now…

1. Easter Newsletter

Give your monthly newsletter a touch of festive flair through the use of seasonal visuals, and maybe even offer a special Easter promotion? Your email can vary from a simple thank-you greeting to including a general update on the latest firm news and other resources to help your clients make the most of their Easter holiday. Could you maybe give your readers access to an online Easter crafts kit that they can do with their children?

2. Virtual Easter egg hunt

Can’t get together, no problem, why not make your company’s website the host of a virtual Easter egg hunt? If you have a WordPress website, this free plugin allows you to put a hidden message on your website, which is activated via a password or code. The goal could be to find 6 hidden eggs to unlock promotions or win an Easter basket delivered to their door for example. The bonus is, that clients will be browsing your website to unlock the prize!

3. Social media competitions

Social media competitions are a great way to engage your audience, especially with most people spending more time at home. Why not run a competition to judge the best-decorated egg or guess the number of mini eggs in the jar etc… Anything to get people talking, sharing, and interacting with your social channels. This can be done via a pre-recorded message asking your audience for their best-decorated egg to be posted using specific hashtags. This is a great way to create engagement and get your audience’s creative juices flowing.

4. Engaging blogs

Generate blog ideas can be hard at the best of times, so festive occasions can be a fantastic way to produce engaging content. We’re all aware that creating blog content is important for increasing your site’s performance/traffic. Posting blogs about Easter cakes, creations, or team challenges, can also serve as another opportunity for adding user-generated content by asking customers to engage and send in pictures of their attempts too.

5. Easter content

Last but not least, sprinkle some Easter magic into your daily social media content leading up to the main event. Why not schedule some Easter baking to appear on your social media channels? Filming yourself at home baking some delicious Easter cupcakes could be the perfect video content to give you a boost in reach, followers, and engagement. It’ll increase your brand awareness as well this Easter!

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