No matter which social media platform you use, content now seems to be mainly driven by colourful and engaging visuals.

Images, videos and collages are a great way to support the message you are trying to get across and can add additional layers to your social media post. Take a client testimonial for example – a short video is much more engaging than written text and doesn’t require any equipment other than a smart phone.

Infographics and charts allow companies to present complex information or processes in a way that is easier for their audience to understand and digest. And depending on your audience have you considered gifs or memes?

Studies have shown that visual content gets shared 94% more than text-only posts so it is no surprise that we are seeing more and more visuals being included across all social media.

Gone are the days when you needed a designer to create a visual for a Facebook post, or an infographic for your blog post – there is now a wide range of online tools available which not only produce professional looking results, but are also very easy to use. Most of the programmes we use offer a basic, free version with the option of a chargeable ‘premium’ version.

Our Favourite 5 tools for great social media visuals:


This is one of our favourite resources. Canva gives users the option to create beautiful posters, website graphics, social media posts or cards with a wide range of pre-set templates. Its user-friendly interface enables even design novices to create professional looking visuals. With a range of backgrounds, fonts and colours to choose from, the service also offers a free image library and the option of uploading your own images.


If you are feeling daunted by the full professional Photoshop suite, Pixlr is a great free online photo editing tool that is super easy to use. Its intuitive navigation lets you upload and edit photos and is perfect for low to moderate level editing.


Piktochart is a fantastic tool to turn rather complex information or processes into an engaging infographic. It gives the option to combine graphs, text, charts and graphics via a drag-and-drop interface which can then be downloaded. The free version offers 6 basic themes and 10 slots for image upload


For royalty free photos, illustrations, graphics and videos Pixabay is a great resource. It offers over 1.2 million visuals that can be shared, edited and used without requiring the owner’s permission, all provided by the Pixabay community.

Word Art

Word clouds are a great way of combining a group of related words with appealing visuals. There are many web based word cloud generators available, however we like Word Art because it is very easy to use, free of charge, and highly customisable. Users can choose words, colours, fonts, shapes and layouts to create their ideal word cloud. Plus it’s great fun to play around with!


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