I run a lot of training sessions on LinkedIn and how to get the most out of it. I have run these sessions for nearly 10 years now. It is amazing in a way how little has changed and how few in the professional service space are embracing social media. So I have a question to ask you if you are not active on LinkedIn: Are you too scared to post and engage on LinkedIn?

Having said that few in the professional services space are embracing social media, there has definitely been a sea change in the last 12 months due to the pandemic. A couple of lawyers that spring to mind who have embraced getting ‘digital’ in what has been a virtual world for almost a year, are Alice Stephenson, founder and owner of Stephenson Law, and Vanessa Challess, Founder of Tiger Law. Both are very active and engaging on LinkedIn. Two professionals that stand out for me on Twitter are Robert Williams (@WilliamsLegal) and Alan Larkin (@DivorceFT) who are both Family Law Partners from boutique firms.

Have a little courage

What do these individuals have in common? Aside from being lawyers and running their own firms, well I guess I would say they have courage. They are brave and post what they think and feel and what is relevant to them and their audience right now.

How many of you reading this, have a LinkedIn profile but have never posted on it?

Did you know that there are over 760 million users on LinkedIn, with more than 260 million monthly active users. Of those LinkedIn users who are engaging with the platform monthly, 40% access it on a daily basis. So still a huge percentage not engaging with the platform.

Do you know what the best thing about posting on LinkedIn is? You really can’t get it wrong! Yes, you could have a typo or two, but your opinion is your opinion, there is no right or wrong, you can agree or disagree.

Be controversial occasionally

If you follow me on LinkedIn, you will know that I am not afraid of a controversial post or two. In fact, some of these posts have achieved the best engagement for me and have also been hugely interesting to see who in my network I am aligned with and who I am not.

And do you know what? The world hasn’t ended because I have posted a slightly controversial post (be controversial but remember to remain professional). I may have thought back in September that it was too soon to return to in-person networking and someone else may have disagreed, but does it matter?


are you scared to post on LinkedIn - Lara's poll


I am, however, probably getting a little ahead of myself asking you to be controversial when you are not yet used to or comfortable posting!

People are interested in people

So, how about this. Post about you! LinkedIn has evolved so much in the last 12 months and it truly is a Facebook for business. In our sector, people buy people, so let your network know about you! Again, giving you an example, I recently had a big birthday that I decided to post about, and it has been one of my best performing posts to date! We are, by nature, interested in one another, and let’s face it, there is little else going on that is interesting in our day-to-day lives right now!

My birthday post has currently had 10,957 views, 164 reactions, and 107 comments.

If in doubt, I am really happy for you to run it past me first! And do you know the best bit? If you post and it goes wrong, you can delete the post!

So, happy posting!

How can we help you?

We specialise in providing marketing and business development solutions to professional services firms. We offer LinkedIn training and can help you develop an effective LinkedIn strategy. So if you are reluctant or scared to post on LinkedIn and need some helpful training and guidance, do get in contact with me by email or call me on 01903 530787.


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