If you are a chatty person who likes to interact with other people, setting up a focus group will be the best research method for your business. In many cases, a focus group proves essential and may become an appropriate market research method for you and your business. It will be useful to conduct a research group when you are setting up a new business which is in a new field or market which you are unfamiliar with, or if other research methods prove to be unsuccessful. Further a focus group provides you with a chance to bridge the communication gap between your target audience and your business. Not only this, but if you’re interested in discovering different approaches, formats and ideas for your business that you may have overlooked, this will be a perfect way to re-evaluate and improve your business. Here are some general examples that we have come up with to demonstrate how having a focus group will benefit you and your business:

  1. The power of the moderator- Having a moderator ensures that the discussion is always on course, whilst encouraging face-to-face involvement between the participants’. Once you get chatting it is easy to go off topic, we have all done it. The moderator encourages everyone to contribute rather than having just one individual dictating the meeting. Further, having a group setting can likely make participants more inclined to share their ideas as they can bounce off somebody else’s thoughts to construct an even bigger concept.
  2. Perspectives- Provides you with the opportunity to gather responses from people with diverse backgrounds and perceptions simultaneously. It is also interesting to be able to learn about how different people perceive your business, and/or your products and services.
  3. Body Language- Through observations, you are able to learn from the participants’ actions, body language and other non-verbal communication.
  4. It is easy and flexible- Equipment costs are at a minimum and preparation is often not even required. The moderator can modify the questionnaire to suit the focus group which results in a more valuable discussion. You can pretty much talk about what you want to in reference to the information you want to find out, the direction can be taken in many ways. You can play around with the discussion. If the moderator feels that the discussion is not progressing then they are able to change the topic depending on what it is they are finding out. It is just that simple.
  5. Involvement of the Client personnel during the research process- Traditionally, the client personnel are able to watch over the discussion behind a one-way mirror. The Client Personnel is able to feed their thoughts to the moderator, which helps the moderator better handle, the discussion and the direction it takes, as well as improving the quality of the output.

Focus groups are a great way of reaching out to different people and getting as many different perspectives on the given topic. It is a way for you to see how you can develop your business further and attract as many people as possible to the products/services your company provide. Try it yourself and see whether you think it works! Remember, it is a cheap and flexible method to get the information you need- just grab a handful of people who may have different opinions, and see what they come up with! If you would like any further advice, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us, we would love to hear from you.

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