Branded merchandise can be a very effective way to achieve many objectives such as: heighten your brand awareness, get your message across, engage new potential clients, thank your existing clients.

Be creative and invest in designing your artwork for your promotional product. A useful branded item is likely to be kept and seen multiple times, so you may want to include some calls to action rather than just a logo. If you want people to head to your website, ensure that your web address is included in the branding on the product. Sometimes a subtly branded item is used more than an over branded one.

Research says that 89% of people keep a branded item if they find it useful.

Think about your clients and what they do. Are they at their office desk, do they work from home or are they out and about a lot? Tailor your choice of branded product to your client and their needs. This may entail having several items branded to suit the different sectors that your clients fall within.

Time the sending or giving of your gift to suit the periods in the year when your clients usually purchase your services. This will remind them to use your services not those of your competitors.

Quality counts. It is a large investment to get branded merchandise but the better the quality of the item the more the client is likely to keep it and use it and the more durable it will be.

Consider how you are going to get the branded item to your customer. If it needs to be posted, then choose an item that is suitable for posting as you will also have to consider postage costs.

Exhibiting at a show or event. Ensure that your company image is reflected in the branded merchandise that you choose. If you are having branded clothing for staff ensure that your brand is reflected in the garments as well as your stand and any products that you have to give away. Ensure continuity in your brand image.

There is such a huge choice of merchandise to brand and the ways to brand it that I would advise speaking to your supplier and ask for their assistance in suggesting products for your target market and together you will achieve a successful campaign to enhance your market share, satisfy your clients and engage with new prospects.

Our thanks to Shirley Price from Yes Promo Products for this article.

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