We have been working with Sussex Cancer Fund for several months and the more we get involved and understand about the charity the more we want to help. That’s why we have adopted them as our company charity for the year.

There are lots of great charities out there all doing a fantastic job, but Sussex cancer Fund exclusively helps patients and supports hospitals within Sussex.
They don’t spend huge amounts of money on profile raising activities but still they punch way above their weight in helping local people. In fact 94p in the pound goes directly to their work, whereas the charity average in the UK is between 60 and 70%.
While we are so proud to be working with them it is also really humbling. After a recent tour of the facilities co-built with Macmillan, it really brought home how much they do and how much they need our support.

You can find out more from their website but just to give you a little in sight, money they raise goes towards funding building projects such as the Horizon Centre, buying essential equipment, providing complimentary therapies for patients and funding research projects.

If you want to join us in supporting them, there are a number of ways you can get involved:

• By running your own fundraising events
• By becoming a Business Ambassador
• By sharing their social media
• Or by just donating

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