A guest post from Julia Haviland, Managing Director of Brittain Limited

You don’t have to dig too deep into the realms of online business sites such as LinkedIn to read a plethora of articles asserting that cold calling is dead. And to some extent, and in certain circumstances that may be true. The problem however is that as with any broad-brush statement, it misses the finer points of a sector that in the right hands has a lot to offer.

Communicating with prospective companies can, and does produce significant results for our clients at Brittain, many of whom are in the professional services sector. But we don’t cold call. Conversing with companies, nurturing them and finding that synergy between them and our clients creates relationships that break down sales barriers. Gathering insight, assessing brand reputation, competitor positioning, freeing up sales teams until the right opportunity arises, all of these things, when managed effectively deliver significant results. And none of it is cold calling.

You see, the ‘cold calling is dead’ brigade fail to recognise the finer details, and in effect are saying that personal interaction is dead, networking is dead, relationship building and market understanding, all dead. And it’s just not true.

As an example, we work with many of the UK’s largest law firms. One instructed Brittain at the start of last year and our services now form an integral part of their business development strategy. We have raised their brand awareness, informed a wider audience of their service offering and outsourced partnering solutions and in doing so, significantly increased their client acquisition rate. Not through cold calling but through research, nurturing and relationship building. In the first year we achieved an ROI of over five times their investment and have developed and now manage a business pipeline of over £1.5 million.

Companies almost always need sales growth, and in the right hands, this growth can be achieved through a wealth of channels, one of which is telemarketing. So cold calling may be dead, and if it is, may it rest in peace. Thankfully that’s not our business, and thankfully that is thriving.

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Julia Haviland is the Managing Director of Brittain Limited, a specialist new business growth company established in 1998 and specialising in the professional services sector across the UK, Europe and the US.


Telemarketing is most effective when it forms part of a company’s overall marketing strategy, rather than used on its own. Consortium Business Solutions create bespoke marketing strategies for businesses in the professional services industry, so if you’d like to discuss how telemarketing can be used to grow your business as part of your overall business objectives, please do get in touch.



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