We are great advocates of using WordPress for your website but without engaging meaningful content you will never optimise your sites potential. The very knowledgeable people at Newt Labs have produced this great infographic on creating a content marketing funnel to help create great content for your WordPress site.


How to Create a Content Marketing Funnel for Your WordPress Website (Infographic)

Getting traffic to your WordPress website is one thing, converting them into full paying customers is completely different thing. If you are running an e-commerce website, then you are most likely using content such as blogs and white papers to entice them to get closer to your brand, while helping them create a smarter purchase decision.

While content marketing can be an effective tool in converting visitors into qualified leads and customers, a content marketing sales funnel must be laid out first in your website in order to achieve the desired results. While it may seem challenging, creating a content marketing funnel is still doable once you understand how it is supposed to work, and the steps you need to do to maximize its use.

In summary, here are the key pointers from the infographic below from Newt Labs walk us through the different steps you need to consider when creating a sales funnel for your WordPress website.

  1. Understand what a sales funnel is.
  2. Organize your sales funnel
  3. Plan your opt-ins points on your WordPress website.
  4. Create content for each stage.
  5. Amplify your content.
  6. Capture lost leads and customers.

To learn how you can create an effective content marketing funnel for your WordPress website, check out the infographic below.


How to Create a Content Marketing Funnel for Your WordPress Website (Infographic)

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