A day in the life of….me!

Alarm clock goes off at 6:15am, its up and off to the gym. Today’s class is Body Combat which is great for getting rid of any stress….lots of punching J

Back home by 7:30 to shower, get kids ready for school and eat breakfast. 8.30am we are out the door and heading for school. Luckily it’s only a few minutes away.  My eldest, Evie, goes in at 8:40 whilst we hang around for Frasers whistle to blow at 8.50am.

Whistle blows, quick kisses good bye, time to run to the car and head off for a meeting.

Off to Gravesend today, an hour and a half drive away. Get parked and head to a client’s solicitor to talk about a joint event. Very productive meeting, lots of actions to follow up on. Quick pop in to say ‘hi’ to client while I am in town then back on the road.

Bit quicker journey on the way back, few calls on route, set up a new client meeting in London. Get back to the office for 1:15pm, time for a quick working lunch. Catch up with Jo about a client that has an urgent press release, feedback to her about the mornings meeting.

Catch up with emails, progress a press release for a client. Write up notes from this morning’s meeting and email across to the client.

Call from Johnson Press to tell us that we have been shortlisted in the Independent Brighton Business Awards for the best small business category….exciting! Time to buy a new dress?

3pm already….have to collect the kids today as no mum (lucky thing has gone off on holiday!)

Back to my desk while the kids tidy rooms and get changed ready for gymnastics. Write this blog article and catch up with emails….probably be back at the laptop again tonight to make sure I’m all caught up!

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