Why should you employ Chartered Marketers?

Whether you are looking to recruit or want to out-source your marketing there are many reasons why should you employ Chartered Marketers.

To be a Chartered Marketer you have to complete a marketing education up to a high standard either through the CIM’s official exam and qualification route (post degree level) or have substantial experience that has been proven to provide the same high level of knowledge.

On top of this you need to have two years of CPD (continuous professional development) before you can be chartered. This has to be maintained year on year in order to keep your status.

What does this mean for you as a potential employer or client? For starters we often hear, particularly in small businesses, that marketing responsibilities are given to junior members of an organisation, along with all the other duties that senior staff members don’t have time for. So along with ordering stationery, making the coffee and generally keeping the company together, Jane in Admin is often given the task of ‘marketing’. While juggling all her other duties, Jane maybe able to send out a few social media posts and do a good job of carrying out some marketing activity but there is unlikely to be a strategic approach which is in line with your business objectives. Marketing should be given equal billing on the boardroom agenda with other business critical functions like finance. Someone needs to work with Jane and support her on a strategic level to drive marketing, provide direction and ensure there is some accountability and return on investment.

We would argue that developing your marketing is key to growing your business, you wouldn’t give your tax return to your Receptionist to do just because she has some spare time, you would hire a professional and the same should be for your marketing.

You could just employ a degree graduate, who would have almost the same level of education but the chartered status signifies that you are up to date with developments in the industry and that you are committed to best practice as a marketing professional. A Chartered Marketer has to constantly keep their CPD up to date to maintain their status ensuring they are constantly keeping up to date with new marketing innovation and trends.

The other benefit is that most Chartered Marketers learn on the job. Working within the industry as they study, ensuring you have a candidate with the knowledge but also real hands-on practical experience.

So for a strategic approach to your marketing that supports your business objectives look for a marketing professional.

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