Why is your business on social media?

To promote your services, to join in conversations, to raise your digital profile, or simply because everyone else is doing it? It might be one or all of the above reasons. Once you’ve established the reasons why you’re on social media, you have hopefully developed a strategy to achieve your social media objectives – some of which may revolve around an increase in engagement, followers, traffic to your website and hopefully some converted leads.

What if we told you that there was a free and easy way to help reach those objectives, without you having to do anything differently? We are talking about the often-neglected driving force that is employee advocacy!

Traditionally more known in the context of HR and talent attraction, employee advocacy is defined as “the promotion of your company by the people who work for it”. In the context of social media, any activity that an employee undertakes to share, mention or positively comment on your company’s social media is considered employee advocacy.


The Benefits

Put simply, it is a super easy way to reach a wider audience and amplify the message your business is sending out across social media. Your team members know the business and the services you offer better than anyone and may already have a network of relevant contacts in place.

Let’s say you are an Accountancy firm and publish regular guidance on Making Tax Digital. Your employees are ideally placed to share news, blog posts or any other type of content with their contacts who have an interest in MTD. By being proactive in sharing content, employees are providing their network with relevant information which, aside from actually being useful to the individual, will keep the company at the forefront of people’s minds to either use for themselves if needed, or to recommend to their contacts.

Each time a post is shared, the message gets amplified – therefore ensuring a greater reach with people who could use the company’s services in future.

So let’s do the Maths and look at a specific post:

Example of social media post

This post will appear on the news-feed of the 207 individuals who follow the company page on LinkedIn. Let’s say staff member A has 500 connections on LinkedIn and shares the post, it will immediately go to an additional 500 individuals. If all 17 employees currently listed as employees, with an average of 300 connections each, shared let’s say one post a week, an additional 5,100 people could be reached.

It is also worth noting that some social networks such as Facebook restrict the content from business pages, so a well-timed and relevant post by an employee into a Facebook group or on their personal profile can make a huge difference in terms of reach.


How to go about it

Some larger organisations have formal employee advocacy programmes in place with set KPI’s and published guidelines on content to share. Whilst this may not be feasible for smaller businesses, you will need to educate your employees on why and how to get involved.


Download our Step-by-step guide for employees as a PDF

  1. Like and follow the company page to see updates

This one might be stating the obvious but being up to date with what your company is posting about is vital in spreading the message.

Seeing your company’s posts might prompt you to share content; you might have a client who is inquiring about a particular service or topic – could you refer them to a blog post, a case study, or a useful article that was recently posted on your company page?


  1. Share updates or news that are relevant to your individual network

If you’re fairly new to social media and don’t feel comfortable enough writing your own posts or articles, this is a great way to support your company’s efforts.

Sharing updates and posts is easy, and you don’t even need to say anything of your own.


  1. Get involved in conversations/discussions

Lots of referral requests are being generated on social media. If one of your connections asks for a referral and you know a company whose services you could recommend, get involved!

Contributing your ideas, suggestions or experience to others’ discussions is a great way to not only raise your own profile but that of your company as well. Be an active social media user, comment on other people’s posts and offer advice. Just being helpful and offering your expertise is a great way to keep yourself at the forefront of people’s minds.


  1. Contribute ideas

Insight into what your clients ask or worry about on a regular basis is of great value and will be useful information for your marketing team. You might be an expert on a certain new legislation, so why not offer your expertise to contribute content?


  1. If you’re attending work related events or training courses, shout about it

Tag your company page in your own posts, share some new learning’s from an industry conference or share an image of the birthday cake your colleagues got for you – it all helps!


If you would like any help with social media for your professional services business, contact us on marketing@consortiumbiz.co.uk or 01903 530787.

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