The Consortium Blog was started to create a free marketing resource for our clients but the benefits of it have gone beyond this and become a valuable driver of traffic to our site. It has also led to new instructions from clients and resulted in requests for guest writing and speaking opportunities. These guest writing opportunities have helped build our reputation but you don’t have to wait for them to come to you. By directly reaching out to other bloggers you can successfully extend your PR reach.

Writing PR pieces or guides and articles for your company can be time-consuming so when you have an interesting article it’s worth getting the most out of it. Most companies will want to appear to be a credible source of authority in the market they serve. One way of demonstrating that credibility is to find quality sites that would be willing to host your content. Most content marketers are delighted to get some additional content and will be happy to publish your information and act as a subtle 3rd party endorsement.

In years gone by this method would have also been used as an active search engine optimisation tool. These days Google and the like have got wise to this and it has less relevance. However, you can still reap the SEO benefits if you select good credible sites that are very relevant to your topic and not just any old blogger that will take your material. The trick is to do your research before approaching the site owner.

To be honest the SEO benefits should be secondary and writing for real audiences on good sites to help raise your profile should be the main aim of providing guest blog posts.

After doing your research we would recommend actively targeting appropriate blogging sites to build awareness and position yourself as the expert.


  • * Make contact with them with an introduction about yourself and the company and how you fit with their organisation.


  • * We would recommend looking at their existing posts and then writing a potential post for them to consider for publication. Keeping a blog up to date takes time and resources and if offered a well-written piece that fits with their profile, many will be delighted to take your posts.


  • * Make contact regularly, saying “I am researching a piece on XYZ would you be interested in hosting the finished post?”


  • * Ask how you can become involved/help with their events programmes since it should be a two-way relationship. If you have researched thoroughly and found a relevant blog maybe their writing could be used as a guest blog boosting your own content marketing.


  • * Add relevant contacts to your database for newsletter mailings. Make sure articles and press releases are circulated to them regularly. They then approach you to use your content.


  • * Wherever possible make sure the post or article you have written is unique. It can be the same topic as pieces on your own website, but you need to avoid duplicate content issues. If that is not possible only post the same content if you can link back directly to the original piece. Obviously, for all pieces, you would hope for a link back to your website but for repeated content, it must go back to the original piece to avoid penalisation by search engines.


While keeping keywords in mind is important, always write for your audience. Blogging is an excellent tool for generating traffic to a website and raising your profile but it can be very time-consuming. If you would like help with your blog writing we can offer training or even write and manage your blog for you. To find out how we can help with your blogging please get in touch.


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