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Niko Goranovic guest blog We invited Niko Goranovic, a business development expert having held several senior executive and board -evel positions in international banks. Over the recent years, he has moved on to the role of business development consultant working with a variety of startups and established businesses.

If you were to google “fall back in love with your business”, do you know how many results would come out? A billion!  Does that mean that there are hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions of people like you right now who are trying to discover how to fall back in love with their business? Perhaps…

Perhaps they are just procrastinating and avoiding doing the “real work”, as there are so many hurdles to jump over day in, day out. Or simply they need to find that one (final) piece of the puzzle to make the big picture complete.

Who are they? Are you, my dear reader, one of them, and how do you know that you are not?

There are great ideas or tips out there. They can work for some people and for others can be a waste of time. It is up to you and it is very personal. That is why I’ll be very personal with the following tips.

Running your own business means that there are many responsibilities and you have to make decisions all the time. Some of them are not work-related but most of them are: how to generate new business, attract customers, deliver your products or services on time… pay the bills, cover the overheads… After some time even the best of us feel that we have jumped straight onto a hamster wheel and there is no way to go back.

It happened to me too. I was becoming desperate and overwhelmed with numbers, invoices, bills, thinking about growth strategies… and the worst part… I was accepting any work. I was always saying ‘Yes’.
After some time I realised that there was work that I simply did not enjoy doing. I really enjoyed working for some clients and for some I really had to force myself to make an effort. The work was always the same but clients were not, and that lead me to understand that my time and energy were wasted when working with those clients that I didn’t resonate with.

I spoke to many business owners and we all had a similar experience. We felt that we were losing that spark which lead us to becoming business owners in the first place. It felt that we loved what we did less and less every day… until… we learned to say ‘NO’!

Oh… what a relief. With only one word of two letters we brought back our joy, happiness and integrity. When you say ‘No’ for the first time and reject a client it feels so empowering. You become a business OWNER, a person capable of not only making business decisions but a business person capable of doing what you really love.

But… how to get there? How to feel those business butterflies in your stomach again?

First of all… and it is not a cliché:  Be yourself!
Take your time to make the right choice and set your intentions towards a positive attitude. Remember why you started your own business in the first place. Think how it feels, try to FEEL how it feels to be passionate, skillful and knowledgeable again.

Secondly: Reward yourself!
Nine out of ten successful business owners I spoke with told me that they have a few moments for themselves every day when they summarise what they have achieved that day. After doing this check, they always make an additional effort to reward themselves. This reward is just there to reinforce positive behaviour and reduce the pressure of being on a high achievers’ path. You can choose your own reward (I usually reward myself by switching my phone off and going for a coffee… almost like having a date with myself!).

Last but not least: Have fun!
There is nothing stopping you from enjoying what you do (hence the awareness that you can say ‘no’ and turn your client down). You are in control and that is FUN.

This is a very simple but effective recipe that can help you start to fall back in love with your business again. If you feel that you can suggest other efficient ways, I would love to hear from you so feel free to get in touch!

More About Niko

Niko has extensive experience of working in the corporate sector, having held several senior executive and board-level positions in international banks. Over the recent years, he has moved on to the role of business development consultant working with a variety of startups and established businesses.

In addition to his business development expertise, he is a qualified trainer and coach, specialising in business and performance coaching. Niko has delivered over 500 training sessions and workshops before setting out to develop his own coaching and training practice, and co-founding Sussex Wellbeing Company.


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