How you can make social media advertising work for your professional services firm and generate leads from social media

If embracing social media to market your professional service firm still feels like it’s out of your comfort zone, look away now!

Actually,  don’t as there’s useful information coming up! The legal and accountancy firms that we work with on their social media accounts fully embrace the need to reach out to their audiences via social networks and recognise the benefit of having timely and relevant content across their socials. We are now working with firms to take this a step further with social media lead generation campaigns.

The success of your social media is very much dependent on great content and ongoing engagement but reaching new audiences can sometimes be hard to achieve organically. With the average person now spending at least 2 hours a day on social networking sites, and more people than ever now making their purchasing decisions online, now seems a good time to see what else social media can do for you.

The beauty of the social media campaign is that provided it’s properly managed (that’s where we come in) it can allow your firm to target very specific demographics across the platforms, giving you immediate access to a potentially untapped market.  The latest figures from Facebook suggest that there are in excess of 280,000 interests logged on Facebook and more than 2 billion monthly active users, which means that the opportunity to market to specific interest-based audiences is vast.

But can these campaigns really generate the sort of leads that professional services firms want? Again, if campaigns are set up and monitored correctly they can produce good quality leads for relatively small advertising spend. The key is to ensure adverts are not only legally compliant but also consistent with your brand and tailored towards your target audience. Setting up your campaign landing pages, deciding what collateral you may offer interested parties and how you’ll follow up leads is also key to successful social media advertising.

Social media advertising around planned or life events are generally more successful – so setting up a new business, house moves, property matters, and family law advertising is likely to be successful on Facebook for example, whereas unplanned or more urgent legal needs (personal injury, accidents and crime) sit more comfortably in the realm of google searches.  The beauty of social media campaigns is that they can be monitored in real-time and amended/finessed to ensure you’re achieving the results you want and the quality of leads that you need.

We can work with you to determine whether social media advertising is right for your firm, set up bespoke campaigns with the requisite integrations and marketing collateral and take responsibility for their ongoing management and evaluation.  We have various lead generation packages available, starting from £420* – get in touch for further details.

*Package based on Facebook lead generation campaign – initial set up and creation of marketing collateral/ advertising materials to comply with your brand. Does not include Facebook direct ad spend costs).

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