Getting the most from social media competitions can be challenging. However they can be a great way of generating a buzz around your brand and generating engagement. Follow these tips to see if a competition is right for your business and how to do it right!

What do you want to get from the competition?

Before even thinking of holding a competition you should have thought about what you want to achieve from a promotion. Many companies will hold a competition with no real aim and in the end, they don’t really benefit from it. If you want to increase your following, get a post shared or launch a product then an effective social media competition will help if done right. If you want to increase your following, require a follow for entry!

Excite your target demographic

The prime objective of hosting a social media competition is to engage with a target demographic and to do so the prize of the competition should excite the same demographic so that they engage with the brand. For example, a marketing agency could give away a free month’s social media planning. This would increase their following from firms interested in their service who would potentially be paying customers.

Create a buzz

Make the most of the competition, the prize may be expensive compared to your budget, so make the outcome worth the initial outlay. Adding additional conditions such as refer to a friend or invite a friend to be entered can increase the reach of the competition and create excitement among a group of friends. You also need to be creating branded content that promotes the competition for the duration. This will increase the excitement of participants and the more content you get shared the further it will reach.

Use it as marketing

Just because the competition is over doesn’t mean you can’t use it in your marketing. In the terms and conditions include a winners statement which can be used for future marketing. You could also ask the competition winner to act as an influencer for your marketing in the future.

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