Tradeshows are exhibitions, they are predominantly for and attended by businesses, and are usually specific to a certain industry. Tradeshows give companies the opportunity to show case their products and their services to other individuals across the same industry. For example, you could have a legal exhibition, most of the attendees will consist of Lawyers, Paralegals, Conveyancers and other individuals that work within that industry. Tradeshows aren’t usually open to the public and usually require a sign up process, this is for the benefit of the attendees and will be explained in the latter part of the article.

Tradeshows – The benefits

Firstly, before signing up to a trade show and taking valuable time and money out of your budget, ensure you are attending a show that will benefit your company, otherwise it could be a complete waste of time. Most tradeshows release information on the attendees and the different companies who are going; hence the sign up process, use this information to decide what people are going to be of best interest to you and your business. Once you have established a list of people from the tradeshow that are of value to you, email them all. Just a brief email letting them know that you will be attending the tradeshow and would love to have a chat with them, by doing this you’re saving lots of time at the show, you do not need to worry about whom you’re going to see and whether the exhibition is going to benefit you because you have already planned.

Travel fees are costly and have a huge impact on company expenses, whether that be fuel for a car, a train ticket, a plane ticket, and the list goes on. Admittedly, without transport the business world not have developed to how it is today. However, there are certain times we can reduce travel expenses but still see the same sales results without driving around from client to client. Tradeshows are the answer to this, just think, a whole room full of prospects and potential customers, perfect! Most of the individuals and businesses are at the tradeshow for the same reason, to increase the awareness of their brand and to also show case their range of products or services. As a business owner or somebody working for a company this is the perfect opportunity to network, make sure you speak with people who are of interest to you, arrange a chat over a coffee; get your foot in the door! Tradeshows give you the opportunity to meet with multiple prospects across one day. This wouldn’t usually be possible due to the distance between certain clients, but, at a tradeshow you’re all under the same roof so make the most of it!

Following on from this, Tradeshows also provide the perfect opportunity to get an understanding of what your competitors are up to. They could be releasing a new line of products or services, a new innovative scheme. Whatever they are doing, you will be able to find out without conducting a mystery shopper task or other similar processes; again this is saving you both time and money. Finally, follow up and evaluate. After you have attended a tradeshow it is essential to follow up with the connections you made, make sure you’re at the forefront of their mind so if they ever require services specific to your company, they will immediately think of you and your business.

Ultimately, tradeshows can be a huge benefit to a business, if they are used correctly. By following the essential tips in this article your business will see a positive impact from attending a show. Just remember, there aren’t any gate keepers at a tradeshow!

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