Setting up a blog for your company will enable the world to see what you and your company get up to in and out the office. Having a company blog can be beneficial in more ways than one; it is a social platform to help promote your business and the products/services you optimise, and is a valuable tool for actively engaging with your customers who are able to see what you are getting up to in your spare time. It can therefore be used to provide essential information to various clients through the infographics and research, or it can be used in a more personal way.

Our blogs containing infographics are aimed at people looking for advice about certain things which can contribute to promoting their business. On the other hand the blog post called A Day in the Life of Lara Squires is Lara talking about her day, juggling work and family at the same time. It offers the reader a personal engagement with the company as it delves into the lives of our team, making the reader/client feel included as well as being able to relate. It is also a way to showcase your company’s personality by putting a face to the content and showing the reader your human side which contributes to building a trusting relationship with potential clients. If you haven’t done so yet, take a look at the blog post and let us know what you think.

This is just a taster to show you how blogging can function in different ways and why it is a good idea to have a company blog.

  • Content and exposure: You need to have a blog that is full of exciting, useful and relevant content to increase your chance of meeting possible business partners, and future employees. You never know who may be reading it. It is possible that someone may have found your blog through a Google search. Creating appealing content is a way to ensure you’re putting your brand at the forefront of your company, as well as encouraging people to save and share.
  • Building a compelling relationship: By having a blog you’re able to convince people to be a part of your business. The blog needs to be clear and tell them exactly what it is your company offers in terms of its products/services. Further, it needs to give the researcher every option possible if they are unsure of something. At the end of most blog posts it is a good idea to have contact details, despite it being on a separate page on the website. You don’t want to miss out on a chance to communicate with people further about what you have to offer.
  • Delivering excellent Customer Service: A two-way conversation is created when you have a blog. It is a way to encourage customers to give you feedback and co-operate with you. Also it provides your company with another social media platform where you can respond to their comments and understand what your target market wants. The given feedback allows you to fulfil this need as much as possible.
  • Search Engine Visibility: Blogging can help improve your search engine optimisation (SEO). It proves to your readers that you’re relevant by keeping up-to-date with what is going on. Blogging can contribute and increase your rankings in search results. When you upload your blog you can choose a keyword or phrase that has run throughout the blog post which can help you get more readers to look at what it is you’re promoting, or giving advice on etc. If they believe that the content is amazing they will even share it on other social media and networking sites.
  • Keeping your mind active: It is also beneficial for you and your company to have a blog as you’re able to evaluate and critically think about what it is you are offering. Keeping up-to-date regularly allows you to question what it is you’re promoting.
  • COST EFFECTIVE! It does not cost much at all. Easy and cheap to set up and run efficiently throughout the year.
  • Developing your Sales Skills: Throughout the process you learn the best ways to explain all the concepts and services. You start to have an idea on what to say and talk about to make somebody respond. Answering their questions becomes second nature, making sure that you cover everything that they ask you.


Hopefully this has inspired you to start your own blog for your company. Make it fun, creative, and engaging so your customers cannot ask for much more. If you would like us to help with starting up a blog, or you have any more questions about blog writing in general, please feel free to contact us. Either give us a call on 01903 530787 or email us on


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