Growing a contact list from scratch can be a very daunting task, especially when you are not seeing substantial growth as quickly as you would like. With one simple click you can purchase a list of email addresses which understandably can be a tempting idea. Hold back on this and attempt to grow your email list organically, as this will be a more beneficial way for you and your business.

You want to have a better relationship with your clients’ right? Then building your email list from scratch enables you to have this, as essentially the people who subscribe are people who are interested in what your business has to offer. What is the point in having people on your list who do not appreciate what your company does? It is a waste of everyone’s time, so this short guide will explore how you can grow your email list organically and how you can encourage people who are engaged with your business to subscribe. Follow these 8 tips for successful list growth:

  1. The email content needs to be outstanding, making people want to subscribe. There is nothing worse than having to read content which is boring and does not explain clearly what you and your business really do. This will automatically put people off from reading the rest and they will not subscribe.
  2. Use your current email subscribers to your advantage by including social sharing buttons which encourages them to share and forward your emails. If they like you they are sure to give you a helping hand.
  3. Promote an online contest which involves giving away something, and the contestant will have to submit or sign-up using their email address. Everyone likes a good bargain and free giveaways so this works perfectly and seems like a good deal in return for people to subscribe to your email list.
  4. The opt-in message needs to be appealing. Once you have done this you can send it to your old list encouraging contacts to re-opt-in whilst reassuring them that if they do not respond they will be removed. It may seem counterproductive but this way you can see if people have changed their mind.
  5. Use social media- get creative! Use a Twitter campaign to promote a free resource to your followers that requests an email address to redeem. Use your timeline on Facebook to promote an offer that requires an email address submission. Ensure that you add social sharing buttons to the landing pages and thank-you pages. Your Google+ page can be facilitated to promote offers and email sign-up by making use of your Google+ updates as well as your Google+ “About” section. There are so many social media platforms that you can use that can really start to get your email list growing. Different social media platforms are growing as well as the vast amount of people who use it every day. You’d be surprised how quickly people grow their lists organically by promoting their company through social media.
  6. Run a promotion on a partner website or email newsletter as it will target a fresh but appropriate audience.
  7. On your website you should have links that capture email sign-ups. Make sure that people do not have to spend ages looking for subscription offers. It needs to be practical so keep it visible. Also it may be worth considering key places like your website’s homepage, the main page of your blog, your ‘Contact Us’ and ‘About Us’ pages which are places where people think to look first!
  8. Traditional Marketing/Advertising techniques are essential. Offline events like trade shows are an easy way to collect email addresses and import them into your database. Send these contacts a welcome email confirming their opt-in to your list. Also you could host your own off-line, in-person events like meetups, conferences, etc, and gather registrations online using email addresses. Through face-to-face interaction you are able to talk in more depth about what it is your business does and dazzle the people with your personality which makes them immediately want to subscribe.

Give it a go and start growing your list right away. If you want to find out anymore information about how to grow your email list organically, then feel free to contact us through our email address or even give us a call 01903 530787

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