Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in general, and local SEO specifically, can leave business owners confused. This in-depth guide by Valen Digital looks at what local SEO is, and breaks down the steps of optimising your online presence.

As a local business, you need to have a constant influx of leads to enable your business to be successful.

Traditionally you had to rely upon getting your business in front of potential customers via newspapers, leaflets or your local yellow pages directory. You know the one, that big yellow book that you never opened yourself.

That was until the internet exploded. Businesses bent over backwards to get online in the hope to acquire new business from there website.

As you probably experienced, even then you had to market your business using organic SEO campaigns and/or PPC platforms like Google AdWords. All of which can be expensive for a small business.

However, a small local business can still leverage SEO. Specifically a branch of SEO called Local SEO to get new business.

We are going to explore what local SEO is. How it be a powerful tool to acquire new customers and the steps you can take to ensure your online presence is optimised so even a beginner can leverage local SEO to its fullest extent.

All of this and more without breaking the bank!

Read the full blog by Valen Digital here.

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