BREXIT! Uncertainty! The media screams that we’re all heading for the lifeboats. Really?

– Guest Blog from Peter Grundy from the Partnership.

I was delighted to be invited by Lara Squires to join her at the Boundary Club at Arundel on Wednesday and to continue our discussions. It was a brilliant event and I didn’t sense that anyone had a downbeat assessment of the business opportunities on their radar. Certainly, they were focusing on improving performance, sharpening their approach to clients and making the best use of resources to develop the potential in their businesses.

For Consortium Business Solutions and my team at the Partnership it all reinforced our proposition that, by working together, we could help companies to move forward and take advantage of those opportunities.

What’s in it for me, you may ask?

Well, combining cbs’ excellence in delivering marketing impact with my firm’s 30 year track record in advising clients on developing profitable business means that companies like yours can really achieve greater success. From graphic design to research and marketing plan development all the way through to delivering the presentation and reading the client’s body language in meetings we can save you time and money by ensuring a better return on your investment in client attraction and retention.

If you would like to know more about persuading and negotiating with clients, I look forward to a discussion with you. We have a number of testimonials which demonstrate how our advice has helped businesses including one client who won a $ 30 million real estate fund management mandate and another who thanked us for our advice in securing a £ 3 million structured fee arrangement.

In a world full of consultants and recommendations, I can promise authentically that we won’t tell you what to do. My team and I work with very smart people and we believe that you’re the experts on you and your business. If we can help you work out what to do next, your plans will be implemented more effectively, be more sustainable and achieve the ROI that we all want.

If you would like to find out more about how Consortium and the Partnership could help your business please get in touch

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