This month we are celebrating Consortium’s 9th Birthday. Founded by Lara Squires in 2013, Consortium Business Solutions has gone from strength to strength providing marketing support to professional service firms throughout the South East.

During that time the team has grown, particularly in the last year. We started 2021 with 4 team members, and ended the year with 7! So far this year we have welcomed 2 to our growing team and we probably won’t stop there!

Lara’s highlights

We asked Lara what her biggest highlight has been over the past 9 years:

“I am proud of how we have grown as a business and how we have grown with our clients. For me personally, I am particularly proud of the support we have offered the younger generation, having had 3 apprentices and about to take on our 4th. We have worked with over 5 interns and had numerous work experience students. I am looking forward to seeing what else we can achieve in the future. “

A huge thank you

To all our clients, colleagues, referrers, suppliers, and friends – thank you for your support over the past 9 years. Over the past few years, we have forged strong relationships with our colleagues, connections, and within our local community, and we are grateful for the ongoing support and recognition we get, in particular with our recent Small Business award we won at the Adur & Worthing Business Awards. We will continue to work hard to develop existing and forge new relationships with firms in the professional services sector across the South East and the rest of the UK.

And now some fun…

To celebrate our birthday we thought we’d share what our 9-year-old selves looked like …and in February we’ll reveal the answers!!

For a bit of extra fun, each of us has 3 vocations we wanted to be at 9 years old. But only one is correct. If you can guess correctly what 3 team members wanted to be when they were 9 years old, we’ll put you in a draw to win a box of Hotel Chocolat… Email us to be in it to win it. Entries close at 12 pm on 4 February. Our random selection is final.

The Consortium Team as 9-year-olds…

#1 This 9 year old wanted to be a writer / a lawyer / a unicorn trainer

#2 This 9 year old wanted to be a dancer / lawyer / vet

#3 This 9 year old wanted to be Prime Minister / a confectioner / journalist

#4 This 9 year old wanted to be a circus performer / archaeologist / bee keeper

#5 This 9 year old wanted to work in an aquarium / be a fashion designer / an artist

#6 This 9 year old wanted to be a lawyer / a pop singer / a vet

#7 This 9 year old wanted to be a lawyer / artist / dancer

#8 This 9 year old wanted to be a stewardess / author / baker



Good Luck!

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