How social book-marking can be used to help market your law firm.

Social book-marking sites are often a forgotten part of your content marketing strategy. We often spend hours on keyword research and crafting fabulous blog posts and then completely forget about promoting your content. Not all law firms are lucky enough to have hundreds of subscribers eagerly awaiting their next law update and even the best optimised site needs a bit of help to get the search engines there quickly.

This is where social book-marking sites come in. These sites also help to get your blog posts indexed more quickly and increase your website traffic. Any SEO company will be familiar with this strategy and use it as part of its overall marketing and content strategy. They can help to get your content noticed by search engines but also can open up your content to new audiences. Once you are set up on your chosen sites, sharing content is very easy – but it does take time. It is said that with your content strategy just 20% of your time should be spent on the content and 80% on promoting the content to your target audiences.

Here are some popular social bookmarking websites for law firms


More often associated with being a social media platform, Twitter can be used effectively as a book-mark site.

Simply posting links, images, and content on your account means you’ll have technically bookmarked them. You could then go back through your account to find things again. While Google doesn’t index every tweet, it certainly has been increasing the number of tweets it returns in search queries. If you have a social media strategy it will be no extra work to post on Twitter; Google will use the social signals it receives from Twitter which could help boost your website even if it doesn’t index your tweets.


Pinterest is becoming increasingly more popular in the B2B arena and many law firms are using it to promote their educational and guide-type content. A very visual platform and while they only show links as rel: no follow (meaning they have no link juice value for SEO), people do keep posts on their boards for later referencing.

Mix, formally StumbleUpon

I love the Mix book-marking site. You create collections or boards in much the same way as Pinterest. It’s great for generating real-time traffic to your website. If you post several posts together and have your Google Analytics open at the same time you can actually watch the visitors arriving. There is also a browser extension you can add to make content curation really simple.


Pocket is a really nicely designed social book-marking site. It also comes with a toolbar app, so you can save straight to your collections as you go. Simply copy and paste your best content URLs, add the most appropriate tags and add them to your list.


Digg has real life people editing the site and choosing the content for the front pages, there is still some user-curated content. You simply submit a URL as a recommendation.


Reddit is a way to lose hours of your life but if you are disciplined and don’t get distracted it can be a useful place to share your content. Users submit links to stories, images or videos that they find interesting and other Reddit users can either upvote or downvote these submissions.

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