How to get more out of your email marketing

1. Cleanse your contact list

One of the most important factors in someone opening an email from you is simply whether they want to or not! While you may think it sounds great having a list of 5000 contacts, having only 1000 contacts that want to hear and interact with your business will sound even better in terms of stats. Having a cold list of contacts who don’t interact with any emails will just bring your stats down, and so to make sure your stats reflect those who are actually interested in your content you need to cleanse your list once in a while.

2. Segment your contact list

A study by Lyris found that a segmented email list increased open rates by 39%, a 28% reduction in unsubscribe rates and a 24% increase in sales leads. Unless your customer base is completely homogenous you should be segmenting your email campaigns. Email campaigns can be segmented easily by sector, by location or by previous interactions with your business. By segmenting based on a contact’s interest your content is likely to be valued as it is specific and relevant to the contact.

3. Make your subject line excite

The subject line is the do or die of your email campaigns, 47% of us will open an email based on the subject line so it’s vital that you’re getting it right. While the subject line should depend on the contacts you’re emailing, in some cases it is better to go with a plain subject line at risk of trying to be too clever. For the rest of us you can up your open rate in a number of ways including: fear of missing out, curiosity, humour, personalisation or a call to action.

4. Work out the right time

Much is made of scheduling emails to specific times and days, but the reality is it depends of the industry and this is really up to you to test out. Mailchimp, however state that the best time is between 10:00 and 14:00, Monday – Friday with slight increases in open rates on Tuesdays and Thursdays. While this may work for those working office hours if you have segmented your email list based on sector you may need to test out non-office hours contacts to get the best results from your email campaigns.

5. Use content to get results

You’ve got your contact to open the email through effective targeting and an exciting subject line, now all you need to do is convert this into results. It’s important to excite recipients with every email as poor content can lead to unsubscribing and will reduce open rates of future emails recipients receive. If you’ve got strong content specific to the interests of the contact, then you’re increasing your chance of your generating interest in your product or service or better closer to making a sale. Make sure you’re including relevant links for the contact, relevant blogs to their sector or maybe even a freebie to entice a sale.

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