How to Grow Your Email Marketing Post GDPR?

In 2018 GDPR came into effect, and while it was some time ago, you need to know how to grow your email marketing post GDPR. If your subscriber list may need rejuvenating, follow the tips below!

1. Email signatures

Sometimes an individual may contact a firm without subscribing to their emails: for a receipt, enquiry or otherwise. This serves an opportunity to increase sign-ups. Email footers are a useful tool to link customers to social media and websites. They can also be used to link to an email subscription page. As a customer is already contacting a business then they must have an interest and including a subscription link in an email footer will increase sign-ups. Use the how to guides below to make your own!

Email signatures for Macs

Email signatures for Windows

2. Let customers see the subscription

The fold is defined as what a customer can see without scrolling. Keeping important content above the fold is one of the most important rules for website building, so it’s vital the subscription bar is in the fold. Subscription bars often appear in the footer of a website. To get the best results from your subscription bar put it above the fold so customers can see it and interact easily with your business.

3. Use gated content!

Gated content is content that requires a sign-up or further action to activate. It works on the premise of ‘if you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. Gated content is often premium content that a user may be desperate to unlock because it may be a freebie or save an expensive purchase. The content helps increase sign-ups, but the quality of the sign-ups is questionable. Often the need for the gated content is one-off and users can unsubscribe after they have used the free content. Of course, gated content depends on your business and whether you can afford to give services away for free!

4. Sort out your sign-ups

Email sign-up forms now need to notify potential subscribers what they may expect from subscribing but also their data will be protected and used. This has had an impact for many in terms of new subscribers. There are a few ways to increase sign-ups while remaining GDPR compliant, one of which is useful if your business has a commercial website. It works by including a sign-up in a checkout process. This is an easy way of gaining new sign-ups from customers that clearly have an interest in your business while still remaining GDPR compliant. You can also add a screen cover with a promo for sign-ups e.g. 10% of your first purchase. If you have a commercial website these can be very effective in increasing sign-ups. Most importantly they are also increasing sales for your business.


Still need to know how to grow your email marketing post GDPR? For any help get in contact below!

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