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Hello and welcome to our two-minute (actually it’s about 3 and a half minutes but worth it) presentation on how to promote your content. I’m Joanna Godden a chartered marketer and also a Consultant at Consortium Business Solutions. Consortium is a niche marketing agency specializing in the professional services sector.
So we’re going to talk a little bit about content and the best way to promote that to gain a bigger audience and get a better return on investment. The things we’re going to cover is search engine optimization, social media, social bookmarking, email and blog sites.
We’re going to start off with a more obvious way to promote your content.


Search engine optimization is really the key to getting your content found. Search ins will pick up on the signals from your content, the keywords that you’ve used, how your pages structures and other elements on the page and then once indexed your content will be returned to relevant searches.

Social Media

Social media is another obvious choice for sharing your content. Make sure you use all the social media channels that are relevant to your audience. Search engines will pick up on any social signals, engagement etc, giving your content credibility. Some of the platforms are actually readily indexed by Google and the other search engines which can help get your content pushed up the rankings. Not only will be able to push your content to your followers but if you use hashtags you can actually get people that aren’t necessarily following you but are interested in the subjects you’re talking about.


Email, one of the best ways to get content directly to your prospects in your contact list is actually to set up newsletters and send the content directly to their inbox, it’s a powerful way of engaging with your audience, you have a little bit of feedback of what sort of content say it like with the way they open your articles. Its low cost and as long as you can include links back to your original content you will drive traffic to your website.

Social bookmarking

Social bookmarking is one of the lesser used ways of promoting your content. There are countless number of bookmarking sites most of them are free
to use. A social marking slightly different to the other platforms as it’s there to help users discover and find content and then save it for later use. My favourites include Mix, Pinterest and paper Lee. Mix is particularly exciting because you can actually see traffic being sent to your website on your live Google Analytics feed.

Third-party blogging sites

Another underused tool for promoting your content is the use of third-party blogging sites. There are lots of blogging platforms out there already with built communities that are looking to find interesting content. The key is to make sure that any content that you put on there is actually linked back to the original article, that way you won’t we have any duplicate content issues. My favourites include Tumblr, Medium, Hub Pages and LinkedIn. Medium is particularly easy to use because all you need to do is take your original blog URL and paste it into the medium platform and it will let out all for you and include a backlink to your original content.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our Whistlestop tour of promoting your contents. If you do have any questions I’ll be happy to answer anything that you have just drop me a line at


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