The digital age means that to successfully market your law firm you need to ensure you have a comprehensive digital footprint. No longer can you create a website and forget about. You will need a blog to demonstrate your knowledge and show that you are up to date with legal changes. You need to have social media coverage to help disseminate your content and what’s more, it’s becoming increasingly more about visuals.

Graphics have a tremendous effect on the success of your social media posts. According to Twitter, Tweets with photos receive an average 35% boost in Retweets. Social Media Strategist Jeff Bullas reports that Facebook posts with photos receive an average 37% increase in engagement. Simiarly, Buzzsumo found that posts with images receive 2.3 times more engagement than those without. So how do you get enough visual content to fulfil this overwhelming appetite for content? We have a great guest blog “Are you getting the most out of your visual content? – Guest Blog by Susi Doherty,” where Susi talks about the various uses for visual content and how to maximise their use.

Stock Photos for Law Firms

Your own photographs whether you use a professional photographer or a snap on your smartphone will always be better in terms of originality but stock photos do have their place. Always use royalty free images where possible remembering to include any author attributes where necessary. However, with free sites like or, their photos are getting increasingly overused. They are, mind you, still great sites with great images. To avoid picking images that later you notice your competitor using, go for slightly quirky images. Most Law firms tend to choose very traditional images by being bold and going with something a little off the wall ( but still on brand) you reduce the risk of seeing your image used elsewhere. Don’t just use the image off the shelf, choose your stock image ( and check first to see if the author allows alterations) and use filters or overlay text and your logo, just cropping an image can transform the image into something new.

Your Own Photos

As we have said using your own photos will be better in terms of originality and are unlikely to turn up in someone else’s marketing material. If you can get a professional photographer in, explaining that you want a range of photos to stock your image library for the year, they are usually pretty good at coming up with ideas for shots which you can use again and again for a variety of purposes. If your budget doesn’t stretch to hiring a professional, most smartphones these days take excellent photos and really the ideas are the hard bit.

Staff and Team photos

For some firms, the traditional front-facing headshot will still be the most appropriate but for others, it may be great to show a bit of personality. Try more casual shots of staff sitting on the edge of their desk rather than upright in the chair behind it. Use props to show they are real people – a picture of someone just holding their coffee cup can give a more relaxed friendly and approachable feel. For the team shots, take them off-site. A trip to the park or beach will make staff more relaxed which means you get a more natural looking photograph and you will get some local scenery in the shot which your clients will be able to relate to.

I love this shot of White Maund (an Insolvency Practitioner not a Law firm but I still like it) taken in their local park taken by Vervate.

Image ideas

Service Images

Building a library of images to help promote legal services can be tricky. A little trickier without stock photos. But there are one or two cheats you can use to get the message across. Use screenshots from the relevant page on your website. It will say what the service is and gives the impression you are more tech-savvy than you probably are. This works with newsletter sign-up marketing messages too. Use screenshots of past issues to demonstrate what they will be getting if they sign-up. You may get a glowing client testimonial which you can show in visually in different ways. If it’s a handwritten note, take a photo of the card. If it’s a great Google Review, screenshot it. Use it as an image or simply type out the text pop it in speech marks in a lovely font. Plonk it on a simple square in your company colour along with a logo. Same testimonial but different images which means its life span will be much longer.

Get in the habit of taking photos of absolutely everything. If you have a meeting with biscuits, take a photo with a full plate. Then a half empty and just a few crumbs. You will be amazed how useful that can be ( you might want to limit it to internal meetings. Clients tend to think it a little odd). A plate of biscuits mostly consumed demonstrates your friendly and approachable nature to clients. It will look great alongside a post from the Family Team offering free initial consultations. Have fun with it! They may not all be used but you will soon develop an eye for what could potentially work


Here at Consortium, we have lots of ideas for law firm content including visuals so if you would like some help with yours please do get in touch.





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