Having run numerous social media talks over the last 5 years I have noticed common missed opportunities in making a LinkedIn profile complete.

Here are some areas that most people can improve and it only takes minutes;

* Add a banner image behind your headshot (like you can do with Facebook) ideally this will be a branded image for your business but if not pick an image that is professional and reflects you and/or your business.

* Make sure the address and website for your business is in your contact info along with displaying your work email rather than the personal one.

* Add a summary – so many people miss this one! Its your opportunity to sell yourself, why should someone connect with you/hire you or engage to buy your services.

* Providing recommendations for people whose services you have used or people you have worked with is a good idea as well as seeking recommendations for your work.

* Start contributing to groups where relevant.

Finally, if you really want LinkedIn to work for you then you need to put effort in, be that daily or weekly, share relevant posts and content, connect with people….basically have a LinkedIn strategy!

If you would like to know more, have a 1-2-1 training session or speak to us about running a group seminar for you do get in touch!

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