We are now well and truly into the holiday season but here at Consortium we are as busy as ever. We have been working on our strategic relationships and as a result we have got a great ‘Friends of Friends’ offer from The Partnership.

We have also been reflecting on the last few months’ client work and bring you our insights in the current marketing trends in the legal industry.  In our final blog post for this newsletter we put on our psychoanalyst hats and talk about the psychology of colours and branding.

If you are in need of a new website its not too late to take us up on our offer of a free digital audit to anyone that commissions a new website from us by 31st July 2017, so if you are considering a new website please get in touch via marketing@consortiumbiz.co.uk or call 01903 530787.

We are always interested to hear from our clients and business contacts about what they think is good and what could be improved so do get in touch if you have any suggestions!

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