This time of year it can get increasingly frustrating as colleagues and business contacts seem to take it in turns to be out of communication as they jet off on their hols. Projects get delayed and there seems to be a general consensus to put things off until the Autumn when perceived normality is believed to return.

So OK while this is annoying for those off us left behind to get on with things, why not take the time to work on you? The summer is an ideal time for getting that extra training done or investing some time in Business coaching. By finding yourself a regular business coach, along with the accountability and learning, you will also get a resurgence in renewed enthusiasm. So when your colleagues return, you are already one step of the game, ready to get business moving again.

What’s more one of our coaching clients has just won an Entrepreneur of the Year award! So like them if you would like to get your business moving, find out more about our coaching and training or please get in touch and let’s have a chat.

We are always interested to hear from our clients and business contacts about what they think is good and what could be improved so do get in touch if you have any suggestions!

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