Lead Generation For Law Firms

Word of Mouth

One of the most powerful sources of leads is, of course, word of mouth and referrals but how can you leverage this to get even more of these high converting leads? Make friends with local firms that are targeting the same audience as you but with a different service. This could be accountants or care providers for Private Client Work. The best way to ‘make friends’ is through networking but you can also draw up a list of potential referrers and contact them directly. A simple invitation for a coffee is often enthusiastically accepted with the other party grateful they haven’t had to the chasing but knows the relationship could be beneficial.

Client satisfaction surveys at the end of a case are a great way to rate how likely you would be recommended by clients. It also gives you the opportunity to ask for a testimonial or online review. The often most overlooked referral opportunity is between departments, despite all working for the same firm, there is often a reluctance to pass leads to colleagues. In our experience, this isn’t because they are mean but purely because they are busy and life gets in the way. Adding a simple incentive or making it a competition often has the effect of individuals suddenly having the time to pass on leads.


There are lots of criteria that can influence Search Engine Optimisation but put simply make sure your website is structured in a way that search engines like and that you do your keyword research and make sure you have lots of engaging and regular content going up on your site. Make sure you are listed on all the relevant directories and optimise for local search too.

Legal Content

Going hand in hand with your SEO and keyword research your law firm should have a content strategy. Guides, FAQs and blog posts all help draw visitors and search engines alike to your pages. They will also help give you credibility and keep visitors coming back. No one wants to read reams and reams of text so make sure you break it up with engaging visuals and build yourself an image library. Making some of your best content ‘gated’ where a visitor has to submit an email address to access will help grow your contact list too (but be mindful of GDPR)

Email Marketing and Newsletters

Once you have lots of lovely content you want to make sure it works as hard as it can for you. Circulate your content through email, regular contact will remind clients that you are still there if they need you and are keeping up to date with current and legal news. A service like MailChimp is one of the most cost-effective platforms and also connects to most common CRM systems.

Pay Per Click

SEO and content marketing can be a slow burn. It takes time to build up the credible content levels that the search engines love and to move up the rankings you still need to get the all-important backlinks to your site. A back-link from a 3rd party site acts like a vote and tells search engines its a great site and should be ranked higher. Getting good links is hard so for quick results PPC may be the answer.

Social Media

Most law firms these days use social media even if they aren’t entirely sure why. Social Media is a great way to promote your great content, helping it get to a wider audience. Social bookmarking can also give your content a boost. Another way that social media contributes to lead generation is by improving SEO is through increasing brand awareness. This may seem like more of a branding advantage than a specific SEO advantage, but it really does benefit SEO. Increasing your reputation on social media, through increased engagement and publishing consistent, high-quality content will lead to increased online brand presence. An ever-increasing brand presence will lead to more branded searches on Google over time. The more branded searches your brand receives, the higher it’s likely to rank for non-branded keywords – win-win!

After Hours Support

After recently analysing web traffic for several of our clients we have found that over a third of the traffic that visits is outside normal office hours. Chatbots and out of hours phone answering services can capture some of these evening and weekend leads and give the impression that help is always available and service levels are important to you.

Measuring and Analytics

However, if you want more leads you have got to work smarter. Measure where web traffic comes from, which sources lead to the most inquiries and which are the best at converting. Make it your business to understand your Google Analytic reports, make sure all your staff are recorded lead sources and your CRM can easily give you conversion reports.  When you have got the data, then you can make informed decisions about which lead generating activities to concentrate on


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