Legal directory submissions get a mixed reaction from solicitors. Some love them and some hate them. They are undoubtedly more useful to some legal services than others and for some, it is just the kudos of being listed. The two most frequently referred to are the Legal 500 and Chambers. But whatever your views, our advice is to start your submission now – don’t leave it to the month before the submission date.

1. Decide on your categories

Start thinking now about what categories you want to be included for. You need to be really honest with yourselves are you really offering something special in that area?

2. Look at your competitors

See who is being listed in the categories you want to be known for. Even if you are also listed it is good to see who is creeping up below you.  Are there similarities between your firm and the others listed? You will need to show how you match these other firms.

3. Start collecting your work highlights

Start briefing your team and ask them to keep a log of potential work highlights as they arise. It is better to have too many so you can cherry-pick the ones that are most relevant to the types of work you want to gain recognition for.

4. Start approaching your referees

Talk to your potential referees make sure they are happy to assist you. The more referees you have the more public votes of confidence your submission will appear to have. Just remember to contact them again to remind them they have agreed to help, it is worth reminding them at submission time and during the research period.


Finally, don’t rest on your laurels, set monthly calendar reminders to make sure everything is on track and even weekly reminders up to the final two months before submission. Are you on target to have enough work highlights? Do they cover all the elements of expertise and experience you want to be recognised for? If you give yourself plenty of time you will have a much better chance of producing a submission that will get you listed.


If you would help with creating your Legal Directory submission please do get in touch.

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