As the last of the deadlines for UK legal directories looms, it is time to look ahead to the interview stage. Not all firms will be interviewed about their submission, but if you are selected, you need to be ready as they are a fantastic opportunity to profile your firm. Here are some quick tips:

What is the structure of the interview?

The interviews usually take anything from 30 mins to an hour. They will give you a chance to talk about your firm and the highlights over the last 12 months and are especially important if you have submitted for the first time or have experienced lots of change or growth within the course of the year. You will get a chance to talk about your practice area and your firm as well as more generally about your sector, market trends, and other law firms and lawyers.

How can you prepare for the interview?

  • Make sure you read your submission and are familiar with the contents. This seems obvious but by the time the interview comes around the submission may not be fresh in your mind.
  • You need to prep up on the case highlights which will be from different fee earners. Make sure you speak to those fee earners before the call so that you can answer questions on these case highlights.
  • Pull out the key messages from your submission that you wish to highlight.
  • Make sure you are well versed in what has been going on in your market/sector over the last 12 months so you can offer insights and informed views – this includes information on other firms operating in your area.
  • Familiarise yourself with last year’s rankings, or if you were not ranked, make sure you know which firms were.

The researcher’s time may be limited – they do have a huge volume of submissions to get through. So, note down your key points beforehand so that you convey them succinctly and be as memorable as you can! Make sure you know which parts of the submission are confidential and recognise other colleagues and their achievements when you talk to the researcher. If you have marketing support, make sure you involve them.

Talk about the competition

Talking about your competitors may feel uncomfortable, but it is an important and necessary part of the interview process. Make sure you can back up any comments you have about your competitors and be objective and respectful.

Finally, whilst researchers are commercially aware and know a huge amount about the legal sector, they may not necessarily be specialists in your area of practice, some of the niche areas you practice in or your geographical area. So be prepared to offer further explanations where needed.

Whether you rank or not, how can you leverage the content in your submission?

A great deal of time and resources goes into your submission. Whether you rank or not, you can maximise all the effort that goes into putting them together by leveraging the content in your marketing. Of course, if you do rank, use the opportunity to talk to your clients and contacts and to share your success on your website and across your social channels.

How can we help you?

If you are looking for specific ideas on how to leverage your content, read our guide here.

If you have any questions about legal directories, email our legal directory specialist, Louise Gilbert.

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