Specialising in the small to medium sized law firms as we do it’s always interesting to note any trends as they emerge.

We have been reviewing the types of projects that we have been undertaking this year and there has definitely been a smartening up in the sector. A lot less advertising and smarter marketing. We have carried out several full marketing strategies for law firms and always advocate whatever marketing tactics you choose you do so in a holistic and cohesive plan

Across the board there is a marked increase in digital activity. In our own experience we have seen that many of our clients are more open to and have engaged in more on-line activities, improving their social media. Investing in SEO and several looking at pay per click.

Another fast growing trend is the development of content marketing. A rapidly growing tool in the legal sector with 32% of respondents from a recent e-consultancy survey stating content marketing was their most effective digital discipline for their firm. With a further 32% stating content marketing as their 2nd or 3rd choice of effective tools.

Email marketing remains a strong digital channel with 24% of surveyed law firms citing email as their most effective tool.

Social media is still a rising star; while only 13% gave social media the top spot in effectiveness 49% placed it within the top 3.

A word of warning…

Whilst digital is great, don’t do it at the sacrifice of all else. There will be many firms out there whose target client is the high net worth individual. Do these people respond to pay per click? There is so much that as a law firm you can do in terms of marketing without spending a lot of money. You have a database of often loyal clients who trust and like you so any spend on this group of people will yield a much higher return on investment.

Running lots of campaigns simultaneously will be the best approach so you can monitor what is working best.

An idea…

Want a free way to get more work – market to your database? Database isn’t good enough? Get it cleansed, it will be money well spent. This is still the largest underutilised resource that law firms have. In the e-consultancy survey, data management and effective CRM system was in the top 3, and often listed as number one most effective tool in the list. Working with your existing contacts is still the most effective way to grow your business.

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