Life of an apprentice is all round beneficial, this is for the following reasons; learning about the industry you are keen to develop a career within (for me it is Digital Marketing), as well as getting the experience along with getting paid to do so. Resulting in earning a qualification at the end of the apprenticeship in conjunction with gaining the hands-on skills and knowledge that you would not learn in a classroom.

What I do at work

On a normal day I will come into the office and log onto my computer, firstly checking my emails and going through them; replying and dealing with any queries. I keep a to do list of tasks that need to be completed, organising it by urgency of due date.

Many of my tasks are administration based; such as proof-reading articles, creating social media campaigns, uploading blog posts and website content, updating the CRM system etc.

I additionally run the Ladies Lunch Club therefore I regularly do work surrounding that, especially when there are upcoming lunches. I send the invites out to attendees, I will then extract the list of attendees signed up to the event. Then send the list out to attendees and the venue. In preparation for the lunch I create name badges for the attendees and a table plan if needed.

At Consortium Business Solutions we all work together as a team, helping each other with tasks if needed to get it done to the best of our ability. As an apprentice, I am always willing to help my colleagues with work if they are at capacity, which gives me an opportunity to do a variety of tasks each day. Adding to my growing knowledge within digital marketing.

I regularly meet with my colleagues to discuss how I am doing as well as development within Consortium as a whole. It is very important for me to get feedback in order to develop my understanding and skills. Recently, I have taken over several client’s social media therefore it is crucial to know information about the client’s business as well as news within that industry.

Everyday is different

Each day can be very different within my role. Sometimes I am in the office but other times I get the opportunity to attend external events. I have attended many networking events with my colleagues, but recently I went to a network event independently to fill in for Lara. Naturally I am an introvert and therefore networking is quite a struggle for me, but I always jump at the opportunity because it helps me grow and I have learnt that it does get easier each time. I always meet very interesting people at the events and feel a sense of accomplishment once it is over.

How this ties in with my studies

As part of my apprenticeship I must create a portfolio, which includes work I am doing in the office. The aim of the portfolio is to cover as much criteria I can backing it up with evidence, for instance screenshots of social media content that I put together. It makes carrying out tasks more intriguing when I know that I can use it as an example project and add it to my portfolio.

Once a week I attend a day college session with my training provider, Creative Process. I am thoroughly enjoying the course and it helps me have a better understanding in the work environment, piecing together the reason and understanding of different marketing techniques.

I really enjoy my role within Consortium as the apprentice and love the course I am studying. Being an apprentice gives me an opportunity to start my career within marketing and absorb as much information, techniques and skills as I can. I look forward to the future at Consortium and completing my digital marketing course.


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