Marketing account managers in marketing agencies play a key role in delivering marketing services for clients. A key part of the role is to liaise with you on all aspects of your account and to make sure your marketing happens! The role does require some specialist skills; like plate spinning, negotiating, project managing, and most importantly just doing!

So, if you are a professional services firm, and you are looking to outsource your marketing to a specialist agency, then read on.

So, what will your marketing account manager do?

The first person you will start to work with on a day-to-day basis if you engage the services of a marketing agency is your Marketing Account Manager. As your outsourced marketing account manager, we develop expert knowledge about you and your business so that we learn to intuitively understand your needs. We also have very good generalist knowledge about all things marketing, and our aim is to forge long-lasting relationships will both you, your staff, your suppliers, and any third-party partners or specialists.

We focus on the strategic delivery of your marketing, including day-to-day marketing tactics, and longer-term marketing goals, all the while managing your expectations and understanding any capacity challenges you might have to deliver these. Moreover, we keep all your related marketing project moving forward, even when everything seems all up in the air.

Being a marketing account manager – what is key?


Organisation is key as we often work on at least ten things at once. From back-to-back Zoom meetings to streams of never-ending emails… whilst researching, writing, and implementing your marketing strategy, from posting content on your website to developing email campaigns, scheduling your social media, and so much more.

It does not stop, unless of course, someone brings cake into the office, then we take an obligatory break 😊


Did someone say strategy? Marketing account managers are there to align your business strategy with tactical and tangible marketing tasks. We make certain that deadlines and milestones are reached and continuously ensure your marketing is on track the way that is outlined.

Relationship building

Relationship building is critical to a company’s success… and building strong, trustworthy relationships is not always easy. Our marketing account managers aim to keep you happy and to keep both short-term projects and long-term marketing objectives on track.

We can also very cleverly connect different clients and contacts we have. One service a client offers may be beneficial to another. Your marketing account manager will link all of this together. En voilà! Another relationship is created.

We will also encourage you to go to networking events and will happily arrange networking training for you and your team with Lara, to build your confidence and get the most out of networking. Networking will help you and your team to build relationships, create awareness for your firm, and to grow your firms’ reputation. Of course, the ultimate aim is to get your network to connect you with people that need your services.

Technical know-how

Being a tech guru is not key, but being able to navigate multiple systems, tools, and applications confidently are. From reporting software to design applications, website builders, email, and social media platforms, all the necessary delivery and reporting tools marketing account managers should know to get the job done, and how to monitor marketing delivery and performance. And that is for digital marketing clients still occasionally like to do some marketing the old fashioned way, through print. So, marketing account managers need to know how to do that too, when it is called for.


As marketing account managers, we need to be problem solvers and we need to be able to find solutions to any issue thrown our way. Someone does not like the direction the project is taking, or a campaign has not had the reach and success intended? If a problem occurs, your account manager will find a solution for you. If specialist advice is required, then we are well connected and will find the right person with the right expertise to get it done.

Can-do attitude

Collaborating with different clients who all work differently, will always be a challenge. So, your marketing account manager will have a can-do attitude to negotiate the right course of action to get the job done. And you can trust us to do just that. You can rely on our experience and expertise to steer you in the right direction.

So, in summary, whilst marketing account managers are there for you, our clients, to provide you with the best and most professional service we can, we are not superhuman, we are just humans trying to be super whenever we can!

But do not just take our word for it, this is what one of our clients had to say about one of our super account managers Kat:

“Kat manages the firm’s marketing activity; from regular blog writing, website updates, and email marketing through to the management of our social media platforms, she understands who our target audience is and advises on the best strategies to communicate with them.”

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