Marketing for Accountants can be quite overwhelming. Why? Because it is not your core business or primary skill. Not doing any marketing at all because you don’t know where to start, is also more common than you might think. Marketing is a big topic, and there is a lot of (often contradictory) advice out there, so it’s no surprise that this can cause a feeling of overwhelm for many accounting firms.

Many of our accountancy clients have been putting off getting involved in any marketing for exactly this reason so they come to us when their need to raise their profile or attract new clients has become urgent.

Not doing any marketing is like saying ‘I am not going to start exercising because there are too many different types of workouts available’ – as we know, not doing anything achieves absolutely nothing. When you’ve reached the point of wanting to dip your toe into the world of marketing, our advice is: start small and build from there.

Marketing for Accountants – 5 tips to help you get started

Despite new marketing trends and tools developing at a rapid pace, try not to be distracted by ‘the next new shiny thing’. Our advice would always be to start with the basics. Get these right and even limited marketing activities can achieve some tangible results.

Start with a plan

What is it you actually want to achieve? Do you want to raise your brand awareness, attract more clients from a particular sector, or better service your existing clients? Do you want to position yourself as an employer of choice to attract future talent? Or do you want to achieve a combination of all these things?

Once you have worked out where you want to get to and over what period, you can break down how you’re going to achieve your objectives into bite-sized achievable chunks.

Do your research

Knowing who you’re trying to target is absolutely key. Who is it you want to take notice of your firm, what do they value, how do they like being communicated with, and what pain points does your service fix? This process gives you a clearer steer on marketing channels to use and how to best communicate with your target audience.

Be realistic about available resources

There’s no point in planning a lead generation campaign if you don’t have a sales team available who can follow up leads. Similarly, don’t invest in content marketing if you don’t have anyone in your team with the skills to turn their technical expertise into easily digestible content. You can of course outsource these areas; just be realistic about the resources you have available.

Use free tools

There is a huge number of things you can do for free to test the water before you commit to more expensive marketing activity. Things such as Google My Business, email marketing, social media, requesting client testimonials, and networking are all free or low-cost marketing tools that any size business can utilise. These same tools will also help you to grow and can scale as your business grows too.

Monitor and review

Digital channels offer some basic and easy-to-understand analytics dashboards that give you an indication of how well a certain activity has performed. Alternatively, just ask for feedback from your audience.

Yes, marketing can feel overwhelming – but don’t let it put you off! There is so much that can be done with just a small amount of planning and research, and much of it for free or with little cost. Start by doing something, tweak, and review and build from there.

To find out more about how we help accountants market their firm, give us a call on 01903 530787 or email Lara, and we can take your marketing from inertia to success.

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