Consortium Business Solutions were recently asked to prepare a marketing strategy for a dental practice. Hangleton Dental Practice is NHS registered and also takes private patients.  It was established in 2000 by Dr Arif Essaji but taken over by Dr Farnood Asgari and Dr Tham Ghassemi in May 2012 who has since sought to put their own stamp on the business; developing the practice’s facilities and improving the patient experience.

When they found out about Growth Vouchers, the practice was looking to take the next step and refine their existing marketing activities with the ultimate aim to grow the business’ private revenue and improve customer satisfaction so from the five areas available in the Growth Voucher Scheme they naturally chose to receive strategic business advice in the marketing, attracting and customers category.

After receiving the Growth Vouchers, their Marketing Manager Zoe chose to spend the voucher with Consortium Business Solutions.  Consortium’s Director Lara Squires has considerable experience working with professionals to analyse their current marketing and offer a long-term strategy in order to both increase revenue and with it customer satisfaction.

After an in-depth review of the Practice’s current business situation, clear objectives were defined forming the basis of a strategy that would move the Practice forward. With minimal resources available to them, it was essential that any strategy implemented would be executable by in-house staff.  A large part of the strategy, therefore, incorporated the defining of staff roles and creating and delivering bespoke training for staff. By engaging staff members at all stages of the process, creating increased ‘buy in’, ensured all other elements of the marketing plan were cohesive and fully embraced by all, which in turn gave a greater ROI from the strategy as a whole.

Another significant element of the plan involved the development of a full social media strategy. Social media was considered the most appropriate tool not only to extend the reach of the practice but also to combat some recent negativity experienced by customers. Health in general, and in particular a patient experience of perceived poor service creates highly emotive personal feelings. The use of social media in these instances provides a fast and more personable response which done properly will do more than just placate feelings of negativity.

Overall Consortium was able to create a Strategy for Hangleton Dental Practice which not only concentrated on immediate deliverables to boost the Practice’s current situation but gave them the foundations of a plan that would take them into a long term successful future.

Zoe, Reception Manager commented;

“Initially I was hired at Hangleton Dental Practice as reception manager and was going onto a marketing and advertising role so as the practice was taken over in 2012 lots of changes as needed and updating.  It has been and still is a huge ongoing task here as so many patients have been attending for years so to keep up-to-date and also offer fresh new ideas is hard work.

I cannot thank Consortium Business Solutions enough for being so flexible with our busy practice and also offering good advice/strategies tailor-made for us.  We had a long session targeting our patients and business objective, customer service/sales training with my boss’ other practice which was a fun learning team building session too.

I would highly recommend them no matter what type of business you have.

If you have a dental practice or indeed any professional business you would like help developing a marketing strategy please do get in touch. Email us or call 01903 530787


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