Christmas is nearly here……

Welcome to to our last newsletter of 2015. It has been an exciting year for us at Consortium, we have continued to grow our team and had the opportunity to work with some great clients. With that in mind, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all our clients and contacts for their support this year, it has been fantastic working with you.

We would also like to introduce you to the latest member of our team, James who is now providing our web development services.

And for those of you that actively take part in networking, we have some hints and tips on making yourself as memorable as possible and to keep with the festive spirit some marketing ideas you can tie in with the Christmas Season.

We will be closing the office from Friday the 18th December, returning on Monday the 4th January but if you do need  to contact us please drop us an email.

Wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas and a healthy & prosperous New Year  

Best wishes – The Consortium Team

Going to networking events and having the other attendees leave with at least some recollection of you is the main reason everyone goes networking.                                                               They’re a chance to raise your profile, get good advice and discuss business opportunities with other like-minded people, and like it or not you will be the lasting impression your business has on many of the people at networking events – or not, depending on how memorable you are.                                                   Read more

James has been working in web design for a number of years.                                              James works with a variety of systems to build robust, feature-rich, exciting sites… at ease, with HTML, CSS and JavaScript and flexes his skills and knowledge to ensure the best result.                                            A specialist at responsive development, James can take a final design and tailor it to look equally good on desktops, tablets and mobiles at any resolution.                                                          Read more

The run up to Christmas isn’t the same without the famously anticipated John Lewis commercial. You just can’t help feeling just a little bit envious of our consumer marketing friends as they force their gift and feasting messages at us.                                                   But in between organising the office Christmas party and dodging the Iceland adverts think about what you can do to join the fun in the festive season.                                        Read more



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