New Year, New Business You?…..

So you have got the personal new year’s resolutions underway, you’re exercising more and you are eating healthily, but what are you doing to help the Business You? Business coaching could be the answer.  Everyone wants to be their best self but sometimes we need a little help with direction or just a gentle push to keep us on track. So if you are a business owner looking to grow or working as part of a firm and you would like some help building your career, why not book some 1-2-1 coaching with award-winning mentor Lara Squires.

Our services include:

Business Development Coaching
Personal Strategy
Goal Setting
Personal branding


This is what some of our lovely coaching clients had to say about our service:

“Focused, action orientated, gave me lots of food for thought on how to start to market my business/think about it differently. I’m looking forward to future sessions. Thanks Lara.” – Sam from Clear Focus Coaching.

“The sessions gave me the space and the incentive to focus on my business objectives and to make the distinction between those and marketing objectives and initiatives, it was all just a muddle in my head before!” – June from Wildwood Coaching.

“Enjoyed the format, small group but we interact well. Host is knowledgeable about our businesses and fun and friendly.” – Sarah Spartan FX Foreign Exchange.

“Lara made the coaching interesting, I felt engaged and focused from the very beginning, it was beneficial meeting the other attendees and listening to their goals and ideas.  Excited and inspired to continue with the coaching.” – Judy from Colbran and Wingrove Building Contractors.

By investing in yourself now you will be building the future for you and your business. Visit our website to find out more about our training and coaching services, get in touch with Lara, or call 01903 530787.

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