I qualified as a Solicitor in 2001 and have worked as an Employment Solicitor in offices in London, Milton Keynes, Sussex and Hampshire, to name but a few.

So why leave Law you may ask…….

I was on the marketing committee in one of my former firms and ran a successful networking event for some years at the local cinema in Milton Keynes. It would attract over 100 attendees. I loved hosting these events (not so much the admin!) and liked being involved in the marketing side of things. Law, like all business is all about marketing these days and Solicitors have to get involved to attract and win new clients otherwise it’s sink or swim!

Unfortunately, there’s only so far you can get persuading your superiors that marketing should be high on their agenda and, as an Associate Solicitor, I only had so much sway. It was frustrating sometimes as the events that I used to attend were saturated with other Solicitors and in a City where most knew each other anyway, so it became more about socializing then winning business – now don’t get me wrong I LOVE socializing but when the nagging started about monthly targets and time recording, there were too many balls in the air! Forgive the metaphor….

My most recent legal position involved me commuting nearly 2 hours from home  – this wasn’t something that would work for me in the long term.

Previously I worked as a freelance Consultant after having my family and whilst it was great in terms of flexibility, it wasn’t so financially rewarding. It was also quite lonely working solo and not being part of a team and I really missed the buzz of working alongside people in an office environment (despite the office politics!) I decided that I wanted a career that was more family friendly, and moreover, to be close to home if I’m ever needed if the school calls, or my son is sick.

Which leads me to here…working for Consortium Business Solutions. I have known Lara {Squires} some years and attended her Ladies Lunches so was attracted to the idea of working for her boutique consultancy. Plus, I was lucky enough to get the role to learn marketing as a new profession in a friendly team and working flexibly…with an office dog too! What more could I ask for…….

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