We at Consortium have been guilty of falling into the ‘busy trap’ –  that perpetual feeling of being so busy you are not quite sure which way to turn. It’s a modern day phenomenon that has in part been fuelled by technology, but is probably a mindset rather than a reality for most.

We are all busy, but it’s how you react to it that can make all the difference. So this month we bring you two posts to help you get your busy (and possibly stressful) lives in order. ‘How to get things done‘ and ‘The power of positive thought‘.  Thinking about them has certainly helped me and the rest of the Consortium team, we are re-energised, calm and ready to go (possibly helped by the acquisition of a new biscuit tin for the office).

If you have a minute to spare check out my latest video. I hate seeing myself on film however, the team at Vervate have done a great job and it’s less than a minute long. Whilst mine might not be perfect, it does go nicely with our blog post ‘How to make a perfect pitch‘.

If you are into your golf we have a great ‘Friends of friend’s offer’ from the lovely team at Mid-Sussex Golf Club. Finally we would like to welcome our latest recruit Yasmin.

Now with our extra new found energy Consortium are looking for even more projects to get our teeth into, so if you would still like some help or advice about your marketing please do get in touch via marketing@consortiumbiz.co.uk or call 01903

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