We often get asked how often you should post to social media and the short answer is “it depends”…..

Each channel is different and serves content in a slightly different way. You want to get the balance between getting your message across but without turning your followers off with too many posts.

While we would argue the best way to get your message across without making your followers ‘tune out’ would be by generating really engaging content that your followers will find interesting, useful or fun – no hard sell. Including graphics with your posts will also give you 40% more engagement.

However the bods at Buffer have done some research that will help you plan how much content you need to get the optimum use out of your social media channels.

Facebook – 2 x per day
Twitter – 3 x per day
LinkedIn – 1 x per day
Google+ – 3 x per day
Pinterest – 5 x per day
Instagram – 1.5 x per day

Now not every social media channel is going to be right for your business but we would suggest a B2B company should be using LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ as a minimum. Creating that much content can be daunting but there are some good management tools such as Buffer and Hootsuite which will help cut down the scheduling time but we suggest you don’t scrimp on the actual content generation.

If you would like help with your social media we can create a social media strategy  for your company and we offer various levels of social media management to help take the headache out of content generation.

For an informal chat on how we can give your social media a boost please get in touch.


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