Why are online reviews important?

Online reviews are a great way to gain third-party endorsement. This third-party endorsement is so much more powerful than you saying that you are good.

An online review is also more powerful than a testimonial on your website as people tend to be sceptical as to the truth of these.

Hearing from clients about how you have helped them and their situation/business helps to build trust. For someone to buy from you, they need to know, trust, and like you.

So you have the review – great job. But what about when someone leaves a negative review? (Sorry to say it, but yes, you will sometimes upset a client).

You must reply. Not only to the negative but also any review but to start with let’s deal with the negative reviewer.

Why reply to online reviews?

Well, we have all used trip advisor in the past, or eBay….who doesn’t go straight to the negative reviews to see how they were handled and what the issues were? It doesn’t stop us using someone, BUT, if there is no reply, then, well, it might!

How, should I reply. Well the key here, is DO NOT engage online! Get it offline. Along the lines of: ‘I am so sorry to hear you had a negative experience with our firm. We take client care very seriously and would like to investigate this for you. Can you please contact xyz on xxxx’.

People will read your replies. Not just the prospect client, but the client who left the review as well as existing clients.

Of course, we are all hoping to receive positive reviews, you need to reply to these as it’s nice to acknowledge the time and effort that someone has taken in leaving the review. It is also great to recognise the team member that got a positive review. It can create a feel-good culture within your firm. You can also use these reviews in your marketing material, thus drawing attention to the fact that you have very happy clients and you are great at communicating with them.

5* online review example:

Paul McCluskey


Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness
Lara is extremely active in the legal sector and to add to the activity the team at Consortium is extremely capable and a pleasure to deal with. Would happily recommend it to anyone looking to improve their approach to marketing.

Response from the owner

Thank you, Paul. It’s been a pleasure working with you this past year. We love working in the legal sector and the unique challenges it presents.

However, you can only respond if you have reviews in the first place.

A great way to encourage positive reviews is to engage with a client feedback system that encourages reviews and makes the process easy.

We work with Insight6 and their software Instant Insights. A client can leave feedback, either on a scale of 1-10 or via emojis, ranging from a happy face to a sad face. If you score 8-10 or get the happy face when they are prompted to leave a positive Google review.

Make client feedback a priority in your business and have simple processes and systems that make it happen!

Take the next step

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