The thing about marketing is you will never know it all. It is a constantly evolving subject, new ideas come along and market conditions change. Nothing stands still for long in the marketing world and one of the best way to keep up with the changes is to immerse yourself in as much marketing information as possible.

Thankfully the age of blogging has conveniently provided neat little packaged parcels of ideas and how to’s, so you don’t have to wade through hundreds of text books. The challenge can be finding the time to wade through all the myriad of sites and posts available, that’s why we thought we would share our Top 10 Marketing Blog Sites with you.

Our Top 10 Marketing Blog Sites

#1. Gary Vaynerchuk 

Love this guy! To really get the best nuggets of information you have a listen to his #AskGaryVee podcast. The most high energy ( & sometimes a little rude) marketing podcast you will find anywhere. He answers listeners questions in a no frills and often inspirational way.


#2 CopyBlogger

Full of fantastic resources to help you really up your content writing game. They also have a great podcast CopyBlogger FM


#3. Hubspot

Not everyone has the budget to buy into their incredible inbound marketing automation software but everyone can benefit from their words of wisdom.


#4 The Chartered Institute of Marketing

Marketing for grown-ups. Professional, well written and covers many market sectors and marketing genres.


#5 Content Marketing Institute

Obviously their focus is on content marketing but they often feature new disruptive innovation and ideas forcing you to really question your own marketing.


#6 Unbounce

Everything you need to know about making your website work hard for you.


#7 Marketo

One of the leading marketing blogs but also covers some good general business tips too. It also has the benefit of creating separate content for B2B and B2C.


#8 Hootsuite

Covers all major social media platforms in great depth, from best practice to new trends, helps you keep up with everything social without having to waste hours of your own life on every platform.


#9 Marketing Donut

Ok so originally this one made it onto the list because I like the name but actually it is packed full of insightful tips across all marketing disciplines but you do have to wade through quite a lot of distracting advertising too.


#10 Consortium

Actually this is my favourite marketing blog but to put it at the top would appear a tad boastful even if it was shortlisted in the Sussex Digital Awards but one thing I can say, if you are strapped for time but still want to keep up to date with the latest in marketing it might be worth you signing up to our newsletter. We keep an eye on all latest from hundreds of marketing blogs so you don’t have to.

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