Brand You….


So we all know our company needs a logo, we strive to create a brand image. Many companies will even have brand guidelines to protect the brand and ensure consistency.

One question – what about you?

What is your personal brand – what does your wrapping say about you?

Many businesses are using networking events to raise their profile (create brand awareness) but is the same consideration going into the teams personal brand as the company’s?

Now I am not suggesting for one second that we all walk around in logoed uniforms (although this does work for some businesses). What does need to be considered is how you are perceived. Effectively for the purpose of networking, you are the brand.

Things to consider;

  • Personal grooming; have you brushed your hair, teeth (or have chewing gum to hand) and washed hands (you are about to be shaking other peoples).
  • Wrapping; Is your shirt/dress/trousers ironed? Have your shoes been polished/cleaned?
  • Fragrance; Perfume or aftershave (if appropriate – not overbearing) deodorant is a must….

Now some of the above may seem obvious to you but in my networking adventures I frequently come across people who haven’t considered my above points. Don’t be one of them….

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